Dr. Glenn B. Gelman and Dr. Larry B. Gelman
Dr. Glenn B. Gelman and Dr. Larry B. Gelman

Northern Illinois Counseling Associates, P.C. (NICA) is a family-owned and operated mental health practice based in Crystal Lake, Illinois, since 1979.

Dr. Larry B. Gelman and Dr. Glenn B. Gelman are Licensed Clinical Psychologists in the State of Illinois. Each has over 35 years of extensive mental health assessment experience.

The “Gelman Brothers” are unusually well-qualified to render mental health certification services for gun owners because, during their more than 35 years of respective clinical experience, they have evaluated Federal, State and Local public safety officers (inclusive of fitness-for-duty-examinations), assessed forensic patients who were adjudicated NGRI (not guilty by reason of insanity), GMI (guilty but mentally ill), UST (unfit to stand trial), NMT (need for mental treatment) and administered comprehensive risk assessments for a general psychiatric population of individuals ranging from outpatient to intensive outpatient to partial hospitalization to inpatient for virtually every type of diagnostic category of mental disorders.

Additionally, they routinely evaluate individuals who are psychologically “normal” and understand, full-well, how “normal” problems-in-living can sometimes be inappropriately reacted to by medical health care personnel (inclusive of mental health professionals) and also by law enforcement. Of special concern are those psychologically “normal” individuals who may be incorrectly admitted to a “psych” unit from an emergency room due to unusual medication response, as well as, “normal” individuals who are simply “having a bad day” and express strong emotions which others may be too quick to sanction leading to an inpatient “psych” admission.

Complications may also arise from individuals who seek voluntary psychiatric hospitalization because they are diligent about addressing and resolving personal and relational problems, concerns and issues which, if not addressed and resolved, might potentially lead to less positive consequences for them and others. Presumably, such individuals ought not to be unduly ‘penalized’ for responsibly identifying and conscientiously fixing possible personal ‘risk factors’ with the loss of any of their Constitutional rights.

Be advised that if you pose a serious threat to self and/or others or if you are psychologically unstable, you will not procure our recommendation for consideration by the Illinois State Police to restore your FOID Card status. However, if you comply with Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau Minimum Documentation for Relief from Mental Health Prohibitors to FOID Card Possession requirements and satisfactorily fulfill our mental health assessment, then NICA shall promptly recommend for consideration by the Illinois State Police restoration of your FOID Card.

In brief, what you need to know About Us is that We Can Help.

Northern Illinois Counseling Associates, P.C. (NICA) provides mental health certification services for gun owners who have had their Federal Owner’s Identification Card (FOID) revoked by the Illinois State Police (ISP).

Dr. Larry Gelman and Dr. Glenn Gelman use an ISP-compliant assessment process that is no-nonsense, fair, objective and results-oriented.

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